Release Your Inner Super Hero

When I was a child I had a red hoodie that I used to tie around my neck and pretend I could fly. I always thought the ability to fly like Superman was a state of mind and had nothing to do with gravity or physics or perhaps even being from outer space and so, despite how many times my parents would yell “stop jumping off the table”, “stop jumping off the couch” and “don’t you dare jump off the roof!” I always thought the impossible was possible.

It was this notion of making the impossible possible that I became so enthralled and passionate about fitness. Fitness, health, exercise and eating well still remain a state of mind. If the mind is willing the body will follow.

If you truly want to achieve your goal, you wont make excuses, you will make a plan and work extra hard until your goal becomes a reality. Lets say I really want to buy a new car, I will save every cent I can and I will sacrifice nights out until I can afford that shiny new car. The same can be said about fitness; if you truly want to make a change, if you truly want to become healthier, then you will make the necessary changes towards those goals. You will make healthier food choices, you will exercise even when it may seem damp or cold outside and you will remain disciplined in your decisions and choices.

As a trainer I see many different people working towards their inner super hero none more so than my clients with disabilities, or as I refer to a disability; a “minor setback” or “personal kryptonite”.

I see individuals putting themselves through the hardest workouts possible just for the satisfaction of wiggling their little finger or in the hope of standing up for the first time on their own. In my experience I also see those that make exercise a chore or to indulge in their own vanity; complete sets of staring at yourself in the mirror; “stare at your arms as you flex them for 3 sets of 1 minute”, move to checking out your abdominals in both the side and front planes for 4-5 sets of 3 minutes, make sure you pretend to wipe the sweat from your face using the bottom of your shirt, miraculously there is no sweat near your eyes or you wouldn't be able to check yourself out.

Exercise should always have purpose but not at the sacrifice of enjoyment. If you aren’t enjoying the activity you are participating in make a change and try something different, exercise with a friend or with a personal trainer that you have built a relationship with, they have an understanding of your own goals and have the ability to get the best out of you.

Constantly vary your activities to be ever changing so you excel in multiple skills instead of the same Grape Vine step every week or the same bicep curl on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Make your exercise movements “Functional” , engage movements that you may use in everyday life such as a squat, deadlift, box jump or push up and most importantly perform these exercises at a high intensity, work at your full capacity so your levels of fitness are always improving, challenge yourself every day and be proud of yourselves when you achieve a level of fitness you have never achieved before, even if its by beating your fastest run time by 1 second or lifting one rep more than the day before. Aim to be a better you every day.

“Fitness is the ability to perform the common uncommonly well. It’s about using more than one tool in your tool box”. Where would Batman be if he only did sit ups? He wouldn’t be able to run, grapple hook, fight, evade or pounce. What if Captain America only trained to throw his shield and forgot about coordination or speed, suddenly that shield throw wouldn't be that impressive. what if Spiderman only shot webs? he probably wouldn't pull off his spandex costume as well as he does. None of these people would be the amazing heroes we all know and love and so why should you? Don’t be common, be uncommon!

So, now that I may be little older than my former self I still haven’t given up on becoming Superman, I can now afford a proper cape which hangs proudly in my cupboard and even now when my mum yells “Stop jumping off the coffee table”, I refuse to believe the impossible isn’t possible. One day an exercise WILL be created that will help me become taller and possibly fly. But until then we here at Rockstar Fitness will help people to achieve their goals, bit by bit, bound by bound so aim for the skies!!!

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