What is a leader?

To me a leader is someone that leads by example, motivates and encourages their team to be better, not through fear or harassment, but through respect and shared enthusiasm.

I'm sure we have all worked or know of someone that looks to belittle others even if they are no longer present to further their own needs or excuse their current problems. These people may have been a colleague, a manager, a supervisor, a team captain or even the CEO of a large corporation.

I was speaking with this great dog Behaviourist the other day regarding the reason some dogs look to dominate others. He said that dogs being pack animals look to the alpha, or the leader, for guidance. If no leader is present they assume leadership themselves. The problem is that more often than not, these dogs lack the necessary skills to lead a pack. In truth these dogs are actually very insecure and therefore lean on the one thing they can to try and pull other dogs in line, they try to physically dominate the other dog.

I think this could be true with regards to our own society. A leader should have the confidence to produce the best from their team without a whip or shock collar. I don't want to be lead by someone that stands over me, I want to be lead by someone who stands with me.

I like to, and will continue to, turn my back on bullies and misguided leaders.

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