A Winter’s Tale

It's cold outside but oh so warm curled up under your doona spooning one of the 5 pillows you’ve made your nest out of.

Its dark outside and probably drizzling, your eyes flutter in out of sleep as you dream of bumping into Kate Beckinsale in a coffee shop and the two of you instantly hitting it off, you stare into each other’s eyes and she invites you back to her place, you’re about to enter her apartment when BAM! The harp alarm ringtone screams to life, stop dreaming! Wake up! Its time to be an adult! Nothing could be further from my mind.

You roll over quickly to turn off that ridiculous excuse for a harp ringtone and stare at your running shoes slumped in a heap by your bed. You stare at them with such disdain you would think you were your burning a hole in a cheating ex-lover, your micro managing boss and the next door neighbour that seems to complain about the way you close the front gate too hard, all rolled into one.

You’re tempted to hit the snooze button in an attempt to revisit your whirlwind romance and see what’s in Kate Beckinsale’s apartment, what colour is it?, how big is her TV?, does her kitchen use gas or electricity? You know the things you really want to see when she escorts you through the front door by the hand.

Here’s the thing – Don’t leave everything to the last minute. Don’t be that person. You know the people that pack into the gym, eat one grape every hour and take up running 2 weeks out from summer in an attempt to cheat reality and get a rocking summer body in 10 days.

I know it’s cold, wet and miserable and I know the power a big mug of hot chocolate with marshmallows while sitting on the couch watching the newest season of The Originals has, or, so I’m told, but staying motivated this winter requires a change to only one thing: your mindset. Sure, the conditions encourage eating more and doing less, but the bedrock of motivation is based on two things. The first is having a goal or target to aim for. The second; is clearly understanding the positive effects your actions will have on your life.

The gravitational pull of your warm nest is super strong at 6am, especially when it’s cold and dark outside. That's why you need to remind yourself of the benefits exercise brings you. You want to manage your stress levels, you want to continue to fit in your current clothes and keep buying new expensive ones that you don’t need, AND feel good about yourself rather than falling asleep at your desk, feeling overwhelmed and overweight. Now I know what you’re thinking, manage my stress levels? Curling up in my nest IS managing my stress levels! The problem is you are looking at a short term solution that will not benefit your long term goal; to be in amazing shape come summer and not feel as though you need to hide behind layers whilst everybody else rocks “suns out guns out” singlets or airy fairy sun dresses.

Did you know that you can burn more calories in the winter. Research published in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise found that race times are faster in cold weather than in warmer temperatures—and quicker runs burn more calories, period. That alone is worth crawling out from under your doona. Whether you're walking or jogging in your neighbourhood, snowshoeing in the woods, or taking a trip to the slopes, it's time to start enjoying winter workouts.

Now’s the time to get focused and keep up the consistency, your reward; the best Summer Bod EVER!

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