Accountability is being responsible for our own actions. When we stop making excuses we can start seeing results.

When things get busy we find it difficult to remain consistent. We get off track with our eating and our workouts which leads to frustration and sometimes, we begin to blame everything else around us other than our own short comings. The gym ripped me off, I paid for a membership and I didn't receive their promise that I would be fitter and healthier, did you turn up?

Sometimes the missing link is no longer a new exercise program, the perfect nutrition plan, or a new supplement to try.

The one thing missing is being accountable - to someone or something for your workouts and nutrition.

No one always feels motivated to get up and go to the gym or to eat healthy, but its our responsibility to do the exercise, eat the right food and create the need to look and feel great. And we do it over and over again, even when things get tough.

If we cant be consistent then we cant make progress.

We can sign up for a million gym memberships and hire the worlds best personal trainers but if we don't go, we don't wake up, we don't walk through the front door, we always say tomorrow and not today, then who do we look to when we aren't any healthier or any fitter?

Its not always about achievement. Its about doing.

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