Course Correction

With the weather heating up, the sun shining and a general feeling of “Oh My God Summer’s Coming!” I thought it only fitting that this week I discuss the idea of course correction. This week one of my favourite urban music artists “Illy”, announced the release of his new music album 2 degrees. During a promotional interview he was asked why the album was called 2 degrees? He said that when you want to mix up your music style it’s a lot like steering a ship. You cant simply turn left and the whole ship follows course to the left. In order to adjust the direction of a ship you first course correct 2 degrees, then a further 2 degrees until eventually you look back and the whole direction of the ship has changed. I love this analogy! The idea of course correcting a ship is a lot like making changes to your health and fitness. We cannot take an all or nothing approach as it isn’t as easy as “I want to turn left”, or in this case I want to exercise 2 hours a day, eat salad, drink water and avoid anything bad. Making changes to your health and well-being requires subtle course corrections. You may start off with “I will exercise 2-3 times per week for 4 weeks”, then you may say “I will focus on my eating Monday-Friday and allow myself some fun on weekends”, this may further change to “I will do some form of exercise everyday for a minimum period of 45 minutes”. Before you know it you are in a healthy rhythm of awesomeness without the stress, anxiety or fear of failure. Like steering a ship you need to have your final coordinates in mind, where do you want to go and how do I get there. Once you know where it is you want to go, all you have to do is lean 2 degrees, once there, lean a further degrees until you reach your final destination. We cant sail around open water forever drifting in the current, sometimes you have to take control of your own course through action to improve your overall position.

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