Recharge Your Reality

This week I completed my clinical placement in the Northern Territory of Australia, a place that never really ever crept up on my list of places to visit but a place that being an Australian I was aware it existed.

If I had not enjoyed my clinical placement this week and hated every second of it, my trip today into Kakadu would have made up for all of it.

Today I sat in a rock pool, free from Crocodiles, next to a waterfall, surrounded by bush land and nothing but the sounds of my own thoughts, the birds and the water filling my ears. This would have to be one of a handful of times when everything really did just go silent, and I could just “be”.

This isolation can be so embracing that it is hard to describe the freedom, the peacefulness and the perspective it provides. Today our lives are so full of noise; the kids, the job, relationships, new toys, new gizmos, flashing lights everywhere that I think we forget what our centre really is.

I am a believer that when we are born, we are born with a frequency unique to only us. This frequency is who you are, what you are and what is at your centre. As we grow we find people that have complementary frequencies to our own, they overlap slightly creating something that works similar to when a DJ beat mixes to different tracks. The two different frequencies work great however there are two distinct, separate frequencies that exist.

I think it’s important for all of us to get back to nature and experience a world, a life, and freedom, outside of our screens, our jobs and our responsibilities. Try it just once, visit a lake, a river, a stream, a beach, a park, the bush, a jetty, anywhere you can be silent and surrounded by silence, real silence. Find somewhere you can be alone. As I stated above try it without your partner, without your phone or watch or anything that can detract from what is going on in the world around you and just sit. Embrace the idea of doing nothing for a while, don't freak out about what emails you have to send or what you’re going to cook for dinner etc. Just be in the moment and be somewhere that you can actually hear your frequency. When was the last time you sat at night in silence and just looked up at the stars?

Overtime the drum beat that makes up your frequency starts to be overlapped by other noises, life, work, family, relationships, responsibilities etc. Without this hard drum beat the rhythm that is you becomes chaotic, an internal mess. Sleep patterns may be affected, you may gain weight, you lose direction in what it is you want to do and you lose focus of what’s really important. You. No one else. You.

If you feel great after this little adventure on your own, awesome. Maybe make it a once every two month thing, but, if you feel you just simply could not turn off or it didn’t work for you then no harm done, you managed to get some time to yourself and hopefully you enjoyed reading my own little account, but really try. Don’t half arse it and go down to a park bench with your phone and sit on Instagram the whole time. Sit, watch, listen and wait for your own sound to surface.

Nature has its own frequency, its own energy that it is more than happy to lend to us if we are willing to accept it.

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