How fast time flies

I can’t believe it’s already been nearly three years since CrossFit Summer Hill opened its doors. As

one of our awesome athletes pointed out; a 7 minute WOD feels like an eternity but a three month

membership just flies by.

A lot has happened in 3 years. If you really think about how much we are able to get through in one

hour of working out, imagine how much we have achieved in 36 months! How many burpees, squats

and sit ups do you think you have done? Have you grown not only as an athlete but as a person?

Have you moved forwards or sideways from where you were this time last year? I never ask if you

have taken a step back from where you were, time and the world continues to move forward

regardless of obstacles or set backs and thus so do we. Even though it may seem sometimes like we

aren’t quite where we expected to be, we have grown a little wiser and a little more experienced and

so we can never say I haven't achieved anything because it is our natural progression to grow and

evolve, at what rate is up to you.

When we opened CrossFit Summer Hill it was our intent and my dream to create a facility like no

other, a place where people can grow and progress as athletes in a supportive, motivating

environment. A journey not to be done on your own but rather as part of a like-minded community

of awesome individuals. A place where there is no stereo types, generalisations or stigma only

expectations. Expectations that when we walk out of the facility we are better than we were when

we walked in.

When I was a kid my earliest memories are of my dad holding me up on a chin up bar getting me to

do chin ups, I wasn’t even toilet trained yet but obviously my dad’s priorities were that I was a

physical beast in a nappy rather than potty training on my own.

I played on the treadmills and weight machines and watched my dad display massive amounts of

energy trying to get the most out of every single person he trained and directed. Watching people

grow and have fun at the same time made me set a goal way back then that I would have my own

venue one day and run it the way I wanted to, with values that are important to me, surrounded by

amazing people that don’t ever make me feel like coaching and exercising is a chore.

With my dad taking out a long term gym membership to the big Gold’s Gym in the sky a couple of

years ago now, Im so happy he got to see something I had spoken about for so long come into

fruition, it’s because of him that I have strived to improve myself and the quality of movement we

preached so much.

Rockstar Fitness really is the place where everyone knows your name, we lift together, we sweat

together and as per the weekend, do shots together.

Thank you to all our Rockstars and coaches for making Rockstar Fitness the place it is today.

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