Moving with a purpose with Carl Paoli

November 12, 2017



This weekend the RSF Coaching crew had the fantastic opportunity to attend a Freestyle Connection seminar presented by one of my idles and a driver of movement principles Mr Carl Paoli.


On attending this seminar we weren’t really sure what to expect. Were we attending a gymnastics seminar to help improve our own gymnastic movements? Were we attending a seminar to help us better coach gymnastics principles? Were we attending a seminar that would help us better program for our own athletes? The answer was all of the above and MUCH MUCH more.


This was one of the most humbling, inspiring and educational seminars I have ever attended, which can be largely attributed to Carl’s passion, knowledge, engagement and his ability to connect with the audience. Carl does not know everything about everything, I mean who does? But the applications he does know, he understands and implements incredibly well.


The topics discussed forced us to look deeper into concepts we thought we already understood and apply them to movement practices we thought we had already mastered. This reinforced the idea of book smarts versus application and therefore the ability to truly make health differences in not only ourselves but in the athletes we coach everyday.

From a coaching perspective it's easy for us to focus on our WANTS for our athletes. I want my athletes to be able to perform perfect squats for reps at a time. I want my athletes to be able to run 200 metres in 25 seconds. I want my athletes to be able to perform all workouts at the "RX" weight. The problem with focussing on our "wants" is that we become oblivious to their "NEEDS". The need to regress certain movement patterns to achieve a better end result, the need for us to focus on the reasons their movements aren't at the standard we have set and the need for us to focus on our athletes at every phase of their movements rather than the movement as a whole. Instead of focussing on the now, we tend to already be ten steps ahead. We cannot paint all of our athletes with the same brush, and as a Coach we need to have a deeper understanding of each of our athletes and the progressions we need to take them through to achieve an end goal, theirs and ours. What are the deeper issues not being addressed causing an athletes movement patterns to be difficult, painful or outside of our set standards?


At Rockstar Fitness our coaching team looks to challenge the conventional ideas of health and fitness with our focus always being on the health and longevity of our athletes. By improving our own understanding of this incredibly large field of information we can look to provide a better level of coaching by better understanding the needs of our athletes, and therefore look to form a connection between our wants as coaches, and the needs of our athletes.



Thank you Carl Paoli for an awesome day of learning concepts, applications and transferability of base movement practices.


If you ever get the opportunity to listen to Carl Paoli or attend one of his seminars I strongly suggest attending, as you wont be disappointed.


A special thanks also goes out to Carl’s gymnastics presenter Dan and to Head Coach and Owner of Crossfit North Head Andrew Berridge for providing a great space for us to learn.






A special thanks also goes out to Carl’s gymnastics presenter Dan and to Head Coach and Owner of Crossfit North Head Andrew Berridge for providing a great space for us to learn.

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