Don't Tell Me What I Can't Have

Christmas time is here, a time for many of us to let our hair down, catch up with family and friends and enjoy all this merry season has to offer.

Being in the fitness industry I tend to pay attention to what fitness facilities are doing over the xmas period, what different industry professionals are discussing and what personal trainers tend to be saying to their clients. What I notice is that there is a lot of marketing campaigns that revolve around the idea of “stay in shape this Christmas season”, “foods you should avoid”, “how to keep those unwanted calories at bay” and low fat, low sugar food alternatives to traditional christmas classics”.

Here’s my thoughts on all of these trends: ‘NO’.

All year long we are told what we can and can't have, we are told to eat less, exercise more, drink less, everything in moderation, cut the fats, the list goes on and on. Now I'm the first person to say that exercise and healthy living should be a big priority to allow us to get the most out of our lives, but so is enjoyment.

Christmas is the one time of year that families and friends get together to celebrate the sun, the surf, beers and great food. This is the season that we should be aloud to feel indulgent, relaxed and carefree.

I don’t need to be made to feel guilty about my third serving of nan’s famous pavlova or mums roasted potatoes cooked in duck fat. Food is but one component that leads to the magic of our social environments, we share stories, we laugh and we argue.

As a Coach I think it’s important to let all your athletes know that it is ok to have fun. Fully embrace the Christmas season, the food, the drinks the deserts. We aren’t here to judge but we will be here to help you get back on track in the New Year.

One click on social media and I am being bombarded with healthy protein desert alternatives, keep your fat content to a minimum this Christmas, Christmas day special workouts! I’m sorry but as a fitness enthusiast there is nothing I want to see less.

The year is coming to a close, yet another year on the calendar making us one year older and hopefully but probably not, a little bit wiser. Let your hair down and laugh! Eat, drink, be merry and rest on the fact that we will be here for you come January to help you get back on track.

Have a wonderful Christmas!!!!

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