Rockstar Fitness provides a range of classes that are sure to suit all needs and interests. The diverse range of exercise classes offered allow for constant variation to your weekly exercise sessions, keeping you interested and excited about your exercise plan.



Our Customised Fitness classes can be defined as specialised group coaching. Trainers are highly qualified to provide constantly varied program of functional movements in a safe and supportive environment. The Customised Fitness classes combine olympic lifting movements, body weight resistance, kettle bells, plyometrics, cardio-vascular exercise and postural development to provide the ultimate in exercise plans.



Barbell Club is a technique driven Coaching Session with the sole purpose of improving olympic lifting technique and personal understanding of foundation Olympic Lifts; power snatch, full snatch, power clean, full clean and the clean and jerk.

This session is open to athletes of all fitness levels.



Utilising the TRX training system for functional fitness training we are able to utilise your body weight as resistance. You will perform exercises that build strength, stability, endurance and flexibility while enhancing your cardiovascular fitness. All fitness levels welcome!



This 50 minute class is focussed on developing cardio vascular fitness, speed, agility and strength concurrently by incorporating an ever changing program of running, sprinting, jumping, rowing, skipping, cycling  and weight lifting. Allowing athletes to work through the session at their own pace under the watchful eye of the RSF Coaching team, athletes will be given a selection of workouts to try and compete within the set time frame. A challenge for athletes of all fitness levels.



High Intensity Interval Training, this 35 minute class is focussed on solely improving cardio vascular fitness, speed, agility and recovery fitness. Incorporating running, sprinting, jumping, rowing, skipping and cycling this class is sure to get your heart pumping.



Our Beast incorporates some great accessory movements with the intensity of HIIT. The class utilises the traditional linear machine weights with the rotation of Rip Stick, the intensity of battle ropes and a whole host of functional training pieces. This session will definitely get you outside of your comfort zone whilst still catering to all skill and fitness levels



Mini Beast is the younger sibling of beast with a run time of 30 minutes.