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Customised Fitness (CFx)

What is CFx?


CFx is a strenghth and conditioning program provides a universal set of fitness programming based on constantly varied, high intensity, functional movements. The program is universaly scalable making it the perfect application for any committed individual regardless of experience, fitness level or age.

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CFx comprises of 10 basic physical skills:


  1.  Cardio-vascular and cardio respiratory endurance – The ability to utilise and gather oxygen

  2.  Stamina (muscular endurance) – The ability to utilise, store and gather energy

  3.  Strength – The ability of muscle units to produce force

  4.  Flexibility – The range of motion of a joint or muscle

  5.  Power – The ability of muscle units to apply maximum force over a minimum time

  6.  Speed – The ability to decrease the time it takes to perform a movement or exercise

  7.  Coordination – The ability to learn and replicate movement patterns

  8.  Accuracy – The ability to control movement aimed at a direction of specific intensity

  9.  Agility  - The ability perform movement changes in a minimum period of time

  10.  Balance – The ability to control ones centre of gravity within movement patterns


This method of exercise produces high levels of all around fitness, an understanding of your bodies abilities with regards to exercise and a foundational knowledge of body movement patterns.


Whatever your ultimate fitness goal, CFx and the integration of its 10 physical skills will help you in achieving your health and fitness goals whilst also encouraging healthy competition and a strong sense of family and support between it's members and other CFx gyms.

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