I went to Ben for help to get me into shape. I never realised how much more than "getting into shape" it would be. 

Ben taught me how to "think strong" and to not be afraid to see just how far I could go with my training. 

Ben works with you. His focus through training is on you. His commitment to your goals is unwavering. 

I have been many things in life but I have never been as strong, focused or committed, not only to my training but to overall health and wellbeing. 

Most importantly, I have learnt about my own strength, determination and courage in daily life and I have learnt this over the past few years in being challenged in my training with Ben and Rockstar Fitness. My training is no longer a luxury, it is part of life. 

I can't recommend Ben and Rockstar Fitness highly enough. In working with Ben and the team you will change. You will be better. You will be stronger not only physically but mentally and you will have fun!!"  
Dr. Caroline Howe

"I first began training with Ben to prepare for competition at the Australian University Championships in Athletics. As a result I won a silver medal in the 2004 games and a Gold Medal in the 2005 games. 

During 2005 I suffered a traumatic neck and nerve injury resulting in paralysis of my right arm, among other injuries. As a result of a training program developed by Ben, and assisted training with Ben I have regained full strength and usage of my right arm and have been informed by an independent medical specialist I am one of a very few people world-wide to have recovered fully from an injury such as I suffered."  
Evan James - Solicitor, Law Corporation Pty Lt

"Ben trains me in Kickboxing & MMA. I recommend him not only because off the improvements I’ve made, but also the fact that no other fitness trainer has constantly pushed me beyond my fitness barriers. 

Now in my seventh year of training with Ben, I’m continuing to improve, I feel I’m still getting faster, gaining strength and striking harder. I feel fitter and more energetic despite getting older. I wasn’t the fittest guy growing up, however training regularly with Ben has not only prepared me really well for a very physically demanding sport, but has also made me mentally stronger and better equipped to be able to handle many other difficult aspects in my life such as my high pressure career/role. 

What has also kept me training with Ben is the variety in each of training session. Ben is able to use his past experience competing in the sport to instruct me on technical aspects and improve my kickboxing/MMA technique, and also use his knowledge to work on my fitness using a range of methods such as Crossfit, TRX, kettle bells, cardio and the dreaded whiteboard. I’ve also gone to Ben to get information on diet and fitness products, and also to discuss sporting injuries. 

Ben uses a boot camp style of training in his classes to push his students to their limits, there never is an easy session. But after each session’s efforts, no matter how much I struggle, the sense of achievement and motivation to improve further is hard to beat."

Habib Khan - Management Accountant

"I first started training with Ben 2 years ago and can still feel confident to recommend his work and knowledge in the area of fitness development and improvement. Ben is a dedicated trainer who gives information as he is training his clients and makes training interesting each and every session. 


I would recommend training with Ben for anyone who wants that extra edge in training and fitness."  Sarah Cutri - Category Manager